Environmental Liabilities

Does the polluter/despoiler ever pay? Have a look at Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime - PAW

In April 2007 the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) will be transposed into English Law.

The text of the ELD

Defra's view pre-consultation

Defra main page

Protected species - birds under the Birds Directive, animals and plants under the Habitats Directive

Protected habitats and also

Views of the RSPB

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation from Valerie Fogelman.

Email sent to the RSPB 1/3/07

Read your very helpful article on the ELD, 29/11/05

Note that on page 2 you say that there is no cap on liabililty. This is incorrect insofar as the provisions of the Limitation of Liability for Marine Claims Convention apply, see Art 4.3.

Best Regards

Rory MacPhee LlB
Falmouth Marine School